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 Nick - Owner/Guide

When I first discovered how still the world around us truly is, I knew that Fly Fishing would bring me closer to myself. I moved toward my passion as a teacher and a guide, causing a blazing fire of motivation to show others New Mexico's magnificent beauty. 

Teaching has always been in my blood. The first time I introduced a group of friends to the beautiful Conejos River in southern Colorado, I uncovered my potential to become a guide. I felt more inclined to teach my friends casting techniques and help them catch fish than catch fish myself. The moment this became set in stone was during a summer stonefly hatch, I tied on a big Stimulator pattern for my friend and directed him to begin casting to an eddy behind a boulder. Instinctively, I knew a fish was waiting there for the next opportunity. As I stood by his side and talked him through his casting, he landed his fly perfectly on the foam line. Immediately I say to him "Perfect! It's coming. Be ready". The high-floating Stimulator glides effortlessly into the eddy and just as I expected, a nice Brown rockets out of the water onto his fly! We all shouted in amazement at the fantastic take we witnessed. The excitement for me was just as great as if I had caught the fish myself, only now an even greater joy knowing my friends were a part of the experience.

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