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Learn to fly fish

Ages 10+

Always wanted to learn fly fishing but didn't know where to begin?


on our local Rio Grande River for our 

Introduction to Fly Fishing class.

We provide all of the necessary equipment.

Year-Round Weather Permitting

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All classes must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

We offer different meeting points located on the Rio Grande River.

Throughout Rio Rancho, Corrales, and Albuquerque.

 The class duration is 2 hours long. Offered 7 Days A Week.

Beginning From

Morning 8 - 9 am

Afternoon 12 - 1 pm

Late Afternoon 4 - 5 pm

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What You Will Learn



Casting is the most essential element in Fly Fishing. Once you learn the basics, you'll be on your way to catching fish!


Reading the Water

Reading the water is the art of locating fish without seeing them. You will be able to recognize different structure and currents, where fish will be holding.

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Simple Rigging

There are endless ways to rig your line. We introduce you to a few simple techniques that will have you catching fish in no time.

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Fly Selection

Chosing the right fly has a major impact on whether or not you catch fish. You'll learn how to pick the perfect fly for the right situation.

Packages and Pricing


What's Included

  • Rod & Reel

  • Flies

  • A cooler stocked with Water/Snacks.

  • $50 Discount - On Any Full Day Guided Tri

  • 10% Discount on a purchase with SanJuanRodWorks.



Please let us know while booking your class.

Your Instructor/Guide has 20+ years of
Fly Fishing experience. 

"I love the feeling of teaching someone who has never picked up a fly rod and getting them hooked on the sport. There is so much more to Fly Fishing than just catching fish. Sharing the beauty that surrounds what we do on the water simply sets my soul on fire." 


Give Us A Call

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"On a beautiful afternoon in early February, my Grandson and I were being led through the Corrales bosque by our guide and soon-to-be instructor, Nick. As we worked our way toward the west bank of the Rio Grande we could hear the wintering geese and cranes in the tilled field behind us. What a perfect day for our first lesson in fly fishing. The next three hours sped by as Nick expertly instructed my grandson and I through the steps needed to become fly fishermen. At the end of our time, it seemed that my grandson had absorbed everything Nick could share in such a short period. My grandson was so excited and enthused that the next day he was the proud owner of a new flyrod and shortly after that was on the banks of the Jemez River.

My Grandson and I both thank you Nick for the awesome experience and most excellent education. We look forward to the warmer weather of spring so we can get together again and learn about fly fishing from a kayak."

Jeff Clark
Rio Rancho, NM

"I absolutely enjoyed my fly fishing lesson with Nick! I am excited to learn more and actually get out on the lake or stream and catch a fish!! Nick is awesome. I’m glad I took the time to finally take a lesson. There is more to learn but I am ready! Thanks Nick! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. I highly recommend learning about fly fishing with Nick!"

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